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August 26, 2021

With a goal of serving as a conduit between businesses seeking employees for a day or two and workers pursuing employment for the same duration, WerkNOW is an employment referral service for on-demand help.

The company and its website is a free platform for employers looking to fill immediate workload needs and “werkers,” as the company refers to them, who seek on-demand jobs for quick cash. “We believe will be ‘How the future Werks!’ as a growing number of working Americans are looking to break the mold of traditional earning. We provide employers with the ability to customize and post immediate job openings, allowing them to secure workers now for the jobs they need filled today,” said David Leikam, one of the company’s cofounders. “For workers, both skilled and unskilled, they don’t have to go through a lengthy interview process to get a job. We’re offering an outside the box way of hiring for or finding a job.”

“An example would be a landscaper needing extra laborers for one or two days on a jobsite, with no commitment after that particular job is done, or a restaurant needing to fill a bussing position on a busy Saturday evening when short staffed,” said Jeremy Loman, the other company cofounder. “For a worker, it might be a college student who needs temporary work while on break from school, or people who work part time and are looking to earn extra money on days they don’t typically work.”

Signing Up Is Easy

Those wishing to secure workers or find a job can register on, with no cost for creating the online company or worker profile. For employers, business information is completed and the position(s) to be filled identified, including…

  • job name and description
  • job type (physical labor, non-physical labor, work from home, and skilled labor)
  • business location (commercial or residential and indoor or outdoor)
  • number of days needed
  • manner of payment
  • dates needed

In addition, published jobs are also immediately posted on Google Jobs to maximize exposure and gain more applicants. 

Individuals seeking a job create a profile at as well, providing their name, phone number, email address and their job search preferences, including the zip codes where they’re looking to work along with the job and business type. If desired, prospective workers can also upload their resume and/or post an overview as to why they should be hired, including such information as education background, certifications, and work experiences.

Available Work Opportunities

Employers will be able to partially view job applicant information for free. When an employer wishes to contact a potential employee, there is a fee of $2.99 per applicant. WerkNOW provides companies with the opportunity to purchase Contact Credit Coins, virtual credits used to access full applicant details that can be purchased individually or in discount multi-packs.

A 5-star rating system is incorporated into the website for employees and employers to rate their experience. “This allows service users to provide feedback, which in turn promotes good, honest, and ethical work environments,” Jeremy said.

“After several years of researching the labor industry, we’re confident we have developed a solution to the ongoing need for immediate, short-term, on-demand help for many businesses as well as private individuals,” David said. “There is no commitment to the employee or employer as each job is individualized by time, place, task, and pay. Jobs can be filtered by the applicant based on their own criteria for the type of work they would like to do.”

“Individuals can also subscribe to receive notifications of job postings that match their criteria. After setting up an account, an employee can work when they want, where they want, and how they want based on jobs available on a daily basis on the jobsite map,” Jeremy said. “They can specify if they need transportation, choose jobs that will pay by the hour or by the day, and select jobs based on pay rates.”

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About is an idea two guys from SE WI formulated after seeing the need for a way to get werkers to connect with employers needing on-demand help.

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