On-Demand Employees – An Overview

January 17, 2022

While not a new model for staffing, on-demand employees have become more prevalent in the last several years. With that in mind, WerkNOW.com was developed and it is the area’s best source for businesses to place staff and for individuals to find seasonal, part-time, and even full-time jobs.

To better understand the evolution of on-demand staffing, the following is an overview of this concept.

On-demand employees are individuals who work for a company when needed, sometimes for only a few hours, others for a couple days, while others may fill a position during summer break. The key is that employers are using staff when they have a great need while employees are working when it best fits their schedule. On-demand employees may serve as employees of the company they’re hired by, but often they are self-employed, as they work for multiple businesses at one time or over a period of weeks or months.

For workers, a main benefit of doing on-demand work is that their work schedules are more flexible, with a reduced commitment both to and from the employer. If the fit isn’t right, both parties are able to move on quickly, allowing employers to find new staff and employees to secure a different opportunity. It is important to remember that individuals starting as on-demand employees may find a niche at a company that leads to them becoming part- or full-time staff.

An added note is that on-demand employees need to manage their income taxes and insurance coverage individually.

With an enhanced understanding of on-demand employees, now is the time to see how these type of workers can positively impact your business. Sign up at no charge at WerkNOW.com to post your job openings for free and start the process of utilizing on-demand employees. Visit us online or email contactus@werknow.com for more information.

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WerkNow.com is an idea two guys from SE WI formulated after seeing the need for a way to get werkers to connect with employers needing on-demand help.

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