About WerkNOW

WerkNow.com is an idea two guys from SE WI formulated after seeing the need for a way to get werkers to connect with employers needing on-demand help.  In 2015, David Leikam, owner Full Service Car Wash and his manager Jeremy Loman considered starting a temp labor company to fill the werker demand they had while operating several car washes.  Weekends for example we needed extra “hands” to simply dry cars due to higher volume on those days.  

However, the employees were not always needed during the week or when weather was bad. The usual way of advertising for help, then going through the interview process, payroll process and scheduling of a new employee was cumbersome and antiquated for needing help for only one or two days.  Turnover was incredibly high.

An idea to create an app or website which would allow employers to post jobs for on-demand werk was formulated.  An example would be a landscaper needing extra laborers for one or two days on a job site with no commitment after the job was done.  Or a restaurant needing to fill a bussing position on a busy Saturday evening when short staffed.  WerkNOW.com also accommodates employees needing on-demand werk as well.  For instance, a college student who needs temporary work while on break from school.  We also saw the benefit to the employer to pay the employee for the werk completed at the end of the day or shift.

And so WerkNow.com was born.

After 5 years of researching the labor industry we’re confident we have developed a solution to the ongoing need for immediate short-term on-demand help for many businesses as well as private individuals.

There is no commitment to the employee or employer as each job is individualized by time, place, task and pay.  Jobs can be filtered by the employee/applicant based on their own criteria for the type of werk they would like to do.  Employees can also subscribe to receive notifications of job postings that match their criteria.  Posted jobs are also immediately posted on Google Jobs to maximize exposure and gain more applicants.  After setting up an account, an employee can werk when they want, where they want and how they want based on jobs available on a daily basis on the job site map.  They can specify if they need transportation.  They can also choose jobs that will pay by the hour or by the day.  And select jobs based on pay rates.

A 5 star rating system was incorporated into the site for employees and employers to rate their experience.  This keeps employers and employees honest and promotes good, honest and ethical werk environments.

WerkNow.com is a simple labor referral site and holds no liability between the employer and employee.  A simple, nominal fee is paid from the employer to WerkNOW.com for the contact information of an employee who clicks on or applies for their posted job.  All labor laws, tax laws and payroll laws must be followed by employers and werkers as in any other werking relationship.  

We believe we have entered into a new era of how werkers will earn money and employers will staff when needing on-demand labor.

We believe WerkNow.com is “How the future Werks!”


WerkNOW.com Founding Members | Dave Leikam and Jeremy Loman