General FAQ's

If you are looking for worker or employer specific related questions, please refer to the dedicated worker and employer pages.

Common Questions:

Can I use the same account as a worker and employer?

No, you must choose one or the other. Since features vary between worker and employer accounts, you must create different login credentials for each account to utilize both.

Why can’t I access my account?

If you can’t access your account, try resetting your password with the email you provided when registering. If that does not work, contact us for further assistance.

How long do listings stay active?

Until the needed by date has passed.

Who has access to my personal information?

Both workers and employers are “strictly prohibited from any information through the site that contains: (i) any highly confidential or sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers, credit card and bank information, health and medical information, and online account information; (ii) trade secret, proprietary, or confidential information of a current or past employer…” See our polices for further information.