For Workers On-demand jobs fit for anyone, anywhere in the U.S.

A growing number of working Americans are looking to break the mold of traditional earning. WerkNow!™ gives employees the power to immediately find on-demand jobs for quick cash anywhere without having to go through a lengthy interview process. Regardless of whether you're home or on the road, on-demand one-day jobs are available for you to find day after day. 

WerkNow!™ is free for all workers to create accounts, browse and apply for one-day jobs. Get started today, because this is How the future werks™!

How it Werks


1 Make an account

Create an account by clicking on the “Work” button on homepage and go through prompts to set up your profile. (The more detailed you are, the more hireable you’ll be! Think of this as your interview without the in-person meeting).

2 Browse for on-demand jobs

Go to our work map and click on the money symbols. This will populate the job details a 1-click apply. Apply to as many as you’d like! You can also filter positions further by going to ‘filter’ to narrow down your search.

3 Wait and get hired

After applying employers will review and decide if they want you for the job. You can check the status of pending offers in your account, or simply wait until an employer contacts you. All contacting will be made outside of the site.

4 Show up, work, get paid!

You and your now temporary employer will workout the final details of where to show up and how you’ll get paid. Making quick money never felt so good.


Common Questions:

Can I apply for jobs in places I don't live?

Of course! If you're visiting an area, WerkNow! gives you the freedom to find work anywhere in the country at any time.

Is there a maximum amount of Jobs I can apply for on the same day?

You can apply for as many jobs as you want on any given day. Be sure to honor your commitments, no-shows & cancelations can have an effect on your personal rating seen by future employers. Anyone continually violating agreements will be banned from the site.

What if my employer doesn't pay me?

Should an employer not pay you, be sure to say so in your review and report the listing. WerkNow! is not responsible for payments promised to employee’s, see our policies for more information.

How can I increase my rating?

Your rating is determined by the reviews given of your work by the employer. The best way to get a 5-star review is to do a 5-star job. Additionally, completing reviews about your employer will also boost your position.

I have a "pending" offer. How do I accept this job?

Congratulations! An employer has chosen you for the position. Check your email or phone frequently; the employer will be in contact with you soon! If the employer has changed your status to "Hired!", you'll gain access to any Uber or Lyft codes offered.
Did you find what you were looking for? Reference our main FAQ page for more answers.