On-Demand Workers FAQs

December 17, 2021

How do I start as an on-demand worker?

Start with a resource such as WerkNOW.com to promote your availability to a potential employer. Complete the online profile, providing as much detail as possible about your work skills, the type of work you’re looking to complete, and where in your area you are willing to work. Be sure to keep your profile updated, adding relevant experience as you complete job assignments. This will allow you to be matched to additional job opportunities as they are posted.

How do I apply for available openings?

Using an on-demand resource means it is not necessary to go from company to company to search for a job. Everything is at your fingertips through your computer or mobile device, so just log in to your account and check out the opportunities posted. Once you find a job you’d like to pursue, submit your interest and make sure you’re available to respond when an employer follows up.

What are advantages of being an on-demand worker?

  • It is not necessary to commit to one company.
  • You are able to manage your time.
  • You can supplement your income.
  • You can enhance your resume and work experience.

How do I pay taxes?

As an on-demand worker, it is necessary to pay any taxes that are incurred from your earnings in a timely manner. The employer may deduct taxes when they pay you, but this will be between you and the employer. You can contact your tax advisor for more information regarding payroll taxes and to ensure the proper tax and social security is paid based on the income derived.

Can an on-demand job turn into a full time position?

There is certainly a possibility that an on-demand position can turn into a full time job, particularly if an employer has a long-term need for the type of work that is being performed and a match between worker and employer is apparent.

Consider on-demand opportunities and alter your potential career path. Visit WerkNOW.com to create your personal profile and start the process of finding on-demand employment. Visit us online or email contactus@werknow.com for more information.

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WerkNow.com is an idea two guys from SE WI formulated after seeing the need for a way to get werkers to connect with employers needing on-demand help.

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