Are On-Demand Workers Right for Your Business?

November 17, 2021

If you operate a business, have you thought about using on-demand workers in an effort to help the company grow? The following are a few thoughts as to why you may want to consider this idea when seeking additional staff.

  • Hiring Flexibility
    If the need for your products and services varies, your expenses rise due to having permanent staff on the payroll during periods of reduced demand. Using on-demand staffing allows you to post openings and hire workers as required. This is particularly true of companies that bring on seasonal workers, which can encompass the necessity for additional staff on weekends, during holidays, or for particular events. Using on-demand workers to assist during busy times provides an effective solution.
  • Cost Containment
    If your company or business needs warehouse workers, servers, cleaning crews, etc. and if you have multiple locations, utilizing on-demand workers is a natural way to staff those positions. Bringing in workers on an as needed basis provides flexibility and enhanced revenue for your business. This is done by bringing on staff when business activity is at a higher level without having to make a long-term commitment. In addition, the company does not need to offer benefits to on-demand workers, including holiday and sick pay. These cost reductions will go right to your bottom line.
  • Maintaining Talent
    Using on-demand workers rather than hiring permanent staff allows you to find quality employees without committing to an ongoing business relationship. Should you bring on a freelancer who ends up not being a good fit, there is no requirement to continue the association. However, if the person proves to be a quick study and assimilates well into your culture, you can continue to use the individual as needed to retain their skills. You may even decide to enter into a formal employer/employee relationship.
  • Swift Onboarding
    As adding employees has become more competitive, the hiring process has been extended. By using an on-demand platform such as, hiring is faster.

The team is happy to discuss additional ways on-demand workers can fit your business and assist you in finding on-demand workers. Visit us online or email for more information and to sign up today.

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